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Clip2Dic (Pop up Dictionary)

Developer: Lalsangpuia Ralte
0.99 usd

Clip2Dic (full version)Main Feature
"Floating window mode" feature is available for web dictionary,where "double tap" out of window makes change modebetween normal mode and floating mode.
- To search words is automatically done in conjunction with the dictionary application ColorDict3, GoldenDict, EBPocket or online dictionary, when a copy of the words is made into a clipboard
- The search is available from anywhere if (or application) screen that supports the copy into clipboard
- The window with the result of the search does not cover the source app window fully by the pop-up search, when it is in conjunction with ColorDict3, GoldenDict or online dictionary
- Search history is listing. Saving and reading i is possible. (It is also possible to read it you create a word list)
- On the window of the search history in Clip2Dic itself, the search is possible by only tap
- A word of the search history can be edited by long tapping it
- Merge for dupulicated word is possible in the search history
- Known issue This application uses internal storage for cache and hence some inconsistence may be made if unexpected stop of this app happens. No problem launching the app the next basically (a list of force before the end are held) is in that case. Even if there is still some problem, it should become no problem when the cache becomes clean by starting this app twice
1. Please install the dictionary app. The supported application are ColorDict3, GoldenDict and EBPocket. Pop-up search is possible by ColorDict3, GoldenDict, online web dictionary. In the case of EBPocket, normal search (not Pop-up) is done
2. Please start the Clip2Dic. There is a pull-down menu from which you can select a dictionary application menu bar (left). Please be set to a dictionary to be used
3. Clipboard monitoring will start after icon is displayed in the notification area by selecting the "Minimize" in the menu on the menu bar or "key back"
4. The window of the word search is up when you copy text into the Clipboard after this
5. After starting from the application icon or starting from the notification area, the end of Clip2Dic is done in "Exit" in the menu on the menu bar
6. Could you refer to "Help" in menu on the menu bar for the details?
Others If you have questions, could you tell me via email (